Chain Kit-Combo SALE! Plus – HOW-TO Simple Single Strand Necklace

Hello hello!! Long time, no write I know! Ay carumba how October was just INSANE!

Now that life/work has settled down we are back in the swing with the JJB Bead Blog, Backyard Beading tutorials, and so much more. Let’s get it!

This week we have a two-pronged treat! 1). A HOW-TO video with instructions to make the beautiful Simple Single Strand Necklace, and 2). A SALE that offers the supplies needed as a kit-combo for only $9.99! Oh happy day!

The Simple Single Strand Necklace – How-To and Kit Sale!

The Simple Single Strand Necklace, worn by yours truly 😉

Supplies Needed:

1 Jesse James Beads strand
1 Jesse James Beads ‘Chain Reaction’ beaded chain
1 Jesse James Beads ‘Grand Finale’ magnetic clasp

**Click HERE to purchase a kit of the above supplies for just $9.99 – that’s a 20% discount!**

Bead Supplies for Simple Single Strand Necklace

NEW! Strand-Chain-Clasp kits. Available online now!


 Tools Needed:

Jump Rings, x4
Beadalon Wire (we like Beadalon 7- or 19-strand)
Crimp Beads, x2
2 pair of Needle-Nose Pliers

Tools and Findings


How-To Video: The Simple Single Strand Necklace

This 10-minute vid-tutorial explains how to make a beautiful necklace using a Jesse James Beads strand as the focal piece. Elegant style in minutes! This necklace tutorial is a gem.

Get the supplies for this necklace as a kit – one JJB Strand, one 18″ piece of beaded chain, and one magnetic clasp – for only $9.99! View our available kit-combos online by clicking here…

Thanks for joining in for another ‘Backyard Beading’ blog – “Hotel Room” edition 😉 And I hope you are having as much beading as I am. This art-form is a blessing and the JJB beads we work with are a gift. Everlasting inspiration to you and yours always!!

Yours in Creativity,
Sarah James & the Team at JJB
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