Jewelry Tutorial: ‘Charmed I’m Sure’ Convertible Bracelet/Necklace

Happy Monday, everyone! Time for another jewelry how-to, and oh man is this a fun one. The ‘Charmed, I’m Sure!’ Convertible Bracelet/Necklace is super easy to make and so funky-versatile as it can be worn either around the wrist or around the neck!

The thing I love most about JJB beads is the varying sizes, shapes, textures and styles of beads I get within  just one pack or strand. The eclectic nature of these mixes serves as such an awesome and creative launchpad for whatever your jewlery inspiration may be. And, it is this exact eclectic nature that really makes this charm bracelet take flight!

The “Charmed, I’m Sure” Convertible Bracelet/Necklace

Finished bracelet. Mahvelous, dahling!

Supplies Needed:
-2  Jesse James Beads Petite Strands (I used Petite #64 and #66)
-1 Jesse James Beads ‘Chain Reaction’ beaded chain (I used Chain Reaction #12)
-1 Jesse James Beads ‘Grand Finale’ magnetic clasp (I used Gran Finale #5)

 To Convert to Necklace
-1 Jesse James Beads ‘Chain Reaction’ beaded chain
-1 Jesse James Beads ‘Grand Finale’ magnetic clasp

Bead Supplies – If making just the bracelet, you only need the supplies photographed to the left. If making the convertible bracelet/necklace then purchase an additional chain and clasp!

Tools Needed:
-Flat-Nose Pliers (2 pair)
-Round-Nose Pliers

Findings Needed:
-Jump-Rings (4mm is ideal)

How-To Make the ‘Charmed I’m Sure’ Bracelet

Step 1: Measure Chain
Measure the chain to your wrist’s length and then double up. Keep in mind the chain will take up space too!

Snip the excess chain.

Snipping the excess chain.

Step 2: Attach Chain to Clasp
Snip the folded end of the chain so you have two pieces.

Open a jump ring using both pairs of flat-nose pliers.

Slide two piece of chain and clasp onto jump ring. Close jump ring (real tight!)

Repeat on other side.

Step 3: Divy Bracelet into Three Sections
Using 2 jump rings, attach the chain together in two places. This will give the bracelet a nice flow.

Choosing where to put the two jump rings.

Step 4: Create Charm Dangles (this is the fun part!)
Charms are super easy to make. You will need 11 head-pins (11 charm dangles) for this project. Watch the following video to learn how to make a simple charm with round-nose pliers:

Step 5: Attach the Charm Dangles to the Bracelet
Decide where you wish to place your charms.

Using the jump rings, attach the charms to the chain base.

Step 6: TA-DAH! Finished Bracelet

…now, are ya ready to shake it up a notch? That’s what I thought!

Let’s turn this bad boy into a necklace – All it takes it one simple step!

Step 7: Converting Bracelet to Necklace
Using your additional Chain Reaction beaded chain and Gran Finale magnetic closure, you can convert this lovely little bracelet into a stunning necklace!

Thanks so much for tuning in for another week of ‘Backyard Beading’. I’ve been having so much fun beading with you, hope you are enjoying too! Please feel free to share with friends, or leave questions/comments in the comment section below. Have an inspiring afternoon!

Yours in Creativity,
Sarah and the Team at JJB
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