Meet the JJB Bead Team!

Hello hello hello! Today we have a super special treat for you. Allow me to introduce you to the fabulous, the amazing, the exceptionally creative and ever-inspiring…


Ever wonder where our incredible JJB strands come from? Meet our supremely awesome team of 13 highly creative women. These women are the backbone behind our bead company and it is an absolute honor to work with these ladies. The design work and creative endurance this team exhibits inspires me on the daily, I bet you feel the same!


Meet The Team!


“This is a story of a lovely lady [Karen James, co-owner] who started beading with 13 very lovely girls… That’s the way they all became The Beady Bunch” 😉


 The Bead Team Designers

The JJB Design Team sure is one of a kind. What’s your favorite JJB color palette? Match your favorite with the Designer above – That’s your Jesse James Beads design bead soul-sister!

Jess G (brights!): Cloisonne, Gypsy, Hi-Def,  Marina, Spiced Raisin, Sublime
Becky (classics!): Angelic, Atlantis, Glitz n Glam, Natural Beauty, Spice Market, White Gold
Kate (purples!): Banana Creme, Botanicals, Midnight Mambo, Orchid, Outrageous, Royal Charm
Jess F (haute neutrals!): Brown Sugar, Latte, Vanilla, Wildside
Jen (popular palettes!): CalienteCoral, HollywoodChic, SugarPlum, Sahara, Spinach, Urban Bronze
Olmyra (blue/greens and black!): Atmospheric, Cameo, Midnight, Nostalgia, Tapestry, Seabreeze
Donna (beautiful blues & pinks!): Bohemian, Hush, Ice Bloom, Pacifico, Secret Garden, Metallix
Mary Elizabeth (strand families): Vintage Family reigns here (love love love!)

See the beautiful Inspiration Strands and Mixes created by our Designer right here! And see the Strand Families right here!

Getting Personal with the Bead Team…

Meet Becky and Jess F. from the Design Team. Becky has been designing with our Team for several years, her work is incredible! And Jess is a newer member who also has an incredible eye for color and design.

The Bead Team Design-Assistants & More!


The phrase ‘It takes an army’ couldn’t be more true than in the beading biz. Once a strand is designed it must be approved (a sometimes grueling and potentially annoying process – those who know anything about having to be creative on a deadline can understand this!), after approval the bead stock for the strand is weighed out using scales and placed in a tote for production. Then the strand sample and stock goes out for production by our Independent Contractors, aka Moms because most are local stay at home mommies! When the strand stock has been all strung up the strands come back to us and then off to you!

Our Design-Assistants are Gabriella and Millie – These two incredible ladies make sure the stock for all the strands is packed appropriately with it’s reciprocating sample, and they keep the mood light everyday with their stunning personalities and absolutely hilarious banter. Mucho amor muchachas!

Our Petite Strand Princessa is Miss Liz – The Petite Strand Family, which is one of the most popular strand lines ever released by JJB, is created by Liz. These little petite wonders are always flying off the shelf, and Liz makes sure we keep satisfying your need for the ever-sweet Petite!

The Assistant to our Manager is Ashley – Ashley is right-hand wo-man to our Bead Manager, Robin. Life in the day of an Assistant Manager consists of designing strands, managing backorder lists, taking photos, blogging, organizational work and all sorts of other behind-the-scenes work. Ashley is also an incredible seamstress. We love having her creative energy on our Team!

We Love the JJB Bead Team!

The Strand Senioritas, Bead Mix Mamas, Boho Babes, The BEST BEAD TEAM EVER!!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by to meet our phenomenal Bead Team. Where would we be without the JJB Bead Team? I’d rather not know 😉 Thank you Bead Team for your endless creativity and boundless inspiration. And thank you, Jesse James Beads fans, for your love of beading, creation and never-ending visionary enlightenment!!

Yours in Creativity,
Sarah James
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