How to Make a Beaded Statement Necklace

Hello again new friends!  Candie here with a detailed “how-to” for making a bold statement necklace with Jesse James magical beads.  This piece was inspired by the fast approaching new year!  I’m all for letting the light in and these chunky, sparkly clear beads do just that.  They also make for a piece of jewelry that you can wear with so many things:  a fancy cocktail dress or your favorite screen printed band t with blazer.  Rock and roll!
This was my starting bead inspiration to go with the new year.  I ended up using the three Jesse James Bead strands in the front.  If you want to make some matching earrings, grab one of the small packs.
String the beads onto the beading wire.  I’m using Beadalon’s Champagne .024 diameter/49 strand wire.  Champagne colored beading wire?!  You had me at hello, Beadalon.  I love how the big crystal beads magnify the wire running through it.  Cheers to that!
You’ll need some crimp beads or tubes that are the proper size for the wire.  See the arrow that points out the packaging specs?  This is the key info to match up when securing beads to beading wire.  I’m using gunmetal color crimps.
String the crimp onto the end of wire and thread the tail back through the crimp so it makes a loop.  Put something round into the loop (like a pencil) and slide the crimp bead next to it.
Use chain nose pliers to smoosh the crimp tube down.  This is a flat crimp.  
Using a pencil for each crimp helps to make uniform sized loops.
Slide all the beads up against the finished loop
and repeat for the opposite side.  Trim the excess tail of wire.
Repeat for the other two strands.
Now it’s time to cut the ribbon.  I’m a die-hard romantic so any chance I have to use ribbon or lace, I’ll take it.  Oh Romeo, oh Romeo, cut two strands each measuring:  14.5″, 12.5″, 10.”
Thread the shortest piece of ribbon through the top beaded section loop, then the 12.5″ ribbon through the middle and the longest piece through the bottom loop.  Repeat for the opposite side.
I used tape to wrangle the ribbons into line.  The pretty washi tape was especially for you.  Normally I would have used good ol’ transparent tape.
Use the chain nose pliers to flat crimp the ribbon end fold-over finding.  Before I forget, I dabbed the ends of ribbon with adhesive so they wouldn’t fray.
It’s no secret that Jesse James Beads makes pretty clasps.  This clasp is truly a Grand finale to this statement necklace.  You’ll need some small jump rings to connect the clasp to the loop on the ribbon finding.
Open the jump ring from side to side with the chain nose pliers and connect one end of the clasp to the loop on the ribbon finding.  Repeat for the opposite side.
Magnetic clasps are becoming my new friend.  They work so easily!  I was kind of worried it might struggle holding with the weight of the beads (and “cutting a rug” on the dance floor), so I put it on and hopped around.  Held like a champ!
Haha!  Selfie time!  Selfie is such a funny word.  This is moi wearing the statement necklace after a last minute trip holiday shopping.  Windswept is an understatement people!  It’s cold, but I had to get out for a few gifts and cranberry salad ingredients.  I took the picture so you could see how the necklace lays and comes to life.
You can change up the ribbon and bead strands to make a statement of your own.
Happy New Year, guys!
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