Fox Locket Necklace with Chain Reaction

What does the fox locket say?!  Sorry, we couldn’t resist.  All joking aside, foxes are everywhere in fashion right now.  This little fox locket found at the craft store was begging to dangle from a couple strands of Chain Reaction.

Here are the basic supplies needed:  Chain reaction (1 strand for a short necklace, 2 for a long), locket, 3 jump rings-6mm diameter, 2 pairs of chain nose pliers and a lobster clasp in case you opt for a short necklace.

Remove the split ring from each of the Chain Reactions so they are one long strand.

Snip a 2″ section of chain from each piece (this keeps the locket from hanging down by your belt buckle).

Open a jump ring with the chain nose pliers and connect one end of the chain…

 followed by the opposite side.

Connect the locket to last jump ring.  Use another jump ring to connect the opposite ends of the chain so it finishes off your necklace.
Cute!  Cute!  Drop a sweet note in the locket and give as a gift!  Or write a wish to yourself for safe keeping by Mr. Fox.  Happy Day!
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