Feeling ‘Knotty’ Bead Crochet Project

Hello friends! Happy Easter weekend, and pleasant Passover as well. This is Sarah James coming atcha from the home computer – We at Jesse James Beads are off today, hooray! And what better way to kick off a relaxing holiday weekend than with a little crafty inspiration? Here we have the ‘Feeling Knotty’ Bead Crochet project – it’s a convertible bracelet and necklace so you can switch up your adornment however your outfit best sees fit! This is a super fun project created by our gal Candie Cooper. Candie taught a workshop for this project last weekend at Bead Fest Spring, and holy moly did it get some rave reviews!! Ready to make some bead magic this weekend? That’s what I thought!

Feeling ‘Knotty’ Bead Crochet Project

Materials Needed:

– 3 Jesse James Beads mixed-bead strands (all 3 the same style – Petite Strands work great!)

– 1 mm diameter Beading Elastic (we like Beadalon Elasticity – find in your local craft store)

– Crochet hook, 5.5mm diameter

– Clear nail polish
OK ready to begin? Let’s do this thang!

Bead Crochet Instructions

Step 1: String Your Beads

String all the beads onto the spool of elastic.

Step 2: Begin Crochet Loops

Secure the tail of nylon to the crochet hook with a slipknot then chain 3 stitches.  “Chain” refers to pulling the long tail of cord through the loop that’s on the hook, releasing. (New to crocheting? Here’s an easy video that teaches the ‘chain’ technique you use throughout this project. Super easy stuff)

Step 3: “Come on in, beads! The crochet knots are fine!”

Slide a bead up next to the crochet hook and pull the long tail through, locking the bead in place.  Chain 3 stitches (‘loops’) without a bead and then one with a bead. Continue in this manner (in other words, each bead will be separated by 3 chain stitches) until you’ve used all the beads.

Step 4: Tie Her Off!

When all the beads have been used tie a sturdy knot – we suggest doing a square knot about three times. Then, apply a dot of clear nail polish on the knot. Perfecto!
Look out, world! Mama’s got herself a new piece of sparkly swag!

This piece is so super fun because it can be worn as a long necklace or wrapped several times around the wrist for a bracelet. Either way you choose you will be certain to be stylin’!

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