How to Make a Purple Boho Necklace

Purple Boho 1_readyNo doubt about it!  DIY Tassels and fringe are everywhere right now in jewelry designs!  We here at Jesse James Beads are lovin’ every inch of that fringe-y look!

This is an easy project that you can make in an evening.  You’ll need our modern clasp, 2 to 3 Chain Reaction chains, 2 purple boho strands plus a few single beads and some jump rings – Or, you can get the full Boho DIY Tassel Kit here! You’ll also need basic stringing materials and tools.Embellish the Clasp_readyOptionally, you can embellish the center of the clasp with a spare bead connected by wire wrapping with 22g. wire.Create the Fringe_readyFor this DIY tassel, cut 12, 2.5″ sections of chain and attach them to the bottom of the clasp with jump rings. Add a little, add a lot! This DIY tassel is your oyster.Crimping_readyNext, string all the beads in your preferred order.  Secure one end of the beading wire to the clasp with a crimp bead (see arrow for crimp).  By the way–I’m using silver 19 strand beading wire with crimp tubes.  Remove the slack along the wire and crimp the other side to the toggle bar.Purple Boho 3-readyThat’s all there is too it!  Fringe is a great way to add a big punch to a design with minimal effort.  I’m ready to try a new version with alternating colors of beaded Chain Reaction!

Until next time, bead on!



>>Love this project? Get all the materials you need in silver OR gold at the online shop. Hip hip hooray for bead kits!

Boho DIY Tassel Necklace Kit in Brown Butter Cream

The Boho DIY Tassel Kit, Brown Butter Cream

Boho Tassel Necklace Kit in Lilac Plum

The Boho DIY Tassel Kit, Lilac Plum

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