How to Wire Wrap Crystal Cup Chain

Cup chain earring tutorial from Jesse James BeadsIt’s that time a year again where I find myself in the studio making presents, working away like Santa’s elves until the wee hours of the night.  These earrings are actually for New Year’s jewelry (I get side tracked.  What can I say?).  It all started with this pile of cup chain that’s new in our web shop.Cup Chain earrings from Jesse James BeadsThis is your brain…this is your brain on cup chain.  Any questions?  Needless to say, the inspiration well was flowing (cup chain as it were) so I ran with it.  Here’s how:Wire wrapping crystal cup chain tutorialAlso in the web shop are these sassy rings called Quick Links.  They come in two sizes and the larger has a neat diamond cut texture on it.  All you do is start with a long section of cup chain (large or small, any color you like) and wire wrap it to the Quick Link with 20 g. wire.  Don’t cut the chain until you get to the end.  Tuck the wires in with chain nose pliers so they are flat against the link.  Then you can connect them with more wrapped rings, leave them alone, hang on a chain, and so on…Cup chain earrings in Candie Cooper StudioThis is a picture I snapped with my phone.  I know it’s not in focus, but I just love the glow of my cozy studio and remembering how lost I was in wrapping the chain to the links.  Here’s a second pair with tiny cup chain featuring AB crystals.Cup Chain Earrings


Cup chain earring tutorial by Candie Cooper for Jesse James BeadsNow to start writing those resolutions!


Candie Cooper

Earring supplies:

Modern Ear Wire

25 MM Gold Quick Links

30 MM Gold Quick Links

20g. Gold Wire

Crystal Cup Chain

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