Golden Goddess DIY Layered Necklace Idea

DIY Layering NecklaceThis is what I’m wearing today!  It’s Candie, here with a simple sparkling necklace idea.  The beauty of this necklace is that you can dress it up or casual like I am today.  You can assemble it in three steps:  string, crimp, connect!  Golden Goddesses Unite!DIY Necklace Idea from Jesse James BeadsI used three Jesse James Beads strands, 25mm Quick Links, 19 strand beading wire and crimp beads.  The beads were strung pretty much in the order they were on the strand.  You can split them in sections of three however you like to create balance.  Once strung, I added small glass spacer beads to the ends with crimp beads.  Crimp the ends of wire to the 25mm links.  The reason I love these links so much is that they are SOLID!  No wires sneaking through, causing your necklace to crash and burn to the ground.Jewelry Making Layered Necklace with Jesse James BeadsThe rest is up to you!  String, crimp, connect however you like for as long as you like!  DIY Layering NecklaceAnd be sure to layer it with your favorite necklaces!


Quick Links



Beads (3 strands)

P.S. This necklace would match our New Year’s Earrings perfectly!

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