How to Make Awareness Bracelets

Awareness Bracelets from Jesse James BeadsWe’re still on a “fresh start” kick around here!  How to keep those resolutions in the forefronts of our minds?

Or maybe you just want to cheer someone on?

Or maybe you’re in the dog-house with your girlfriend?

We’ve got the answer!Say it with beads word beadsSay it with beads and make an awareness bracelet!  I am absolutely smitten with the new word beads folks.  They are heavy with a nice thickness and super perfect for stringing on elastic.Jewelry Making Peace Awareness BraceletAt the bead shows, we hear a lot of people tell us the success they’ve had of selling JJBs strung on elastic like this.  They sell the bracelets at craft shows and even around the office.  We love hearing these stories!How to make easy jewelry with elastic and Jesse James BeadsOnce you’re happy with the length–knot it (the elastic spool package has instructions on the back) and then seal the knot with a dot of nail polish (ideally clear-I left my clear in the JJB show tool box I think). Say it with beads from JesseJamesBeads.comLet the nail polish dry and then trim the extra elastic.Awareness Bracelets from Jesse James BeadsI love You.  Show love.  You are loved!

I believe in you!  Believe in your dreams. Believe you can.

I could go on and on…

Have fun with these!

Candie <3 Cooper


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