Hellloooo Tucson! Setup

Hello from beautiful Tucson, Arizona! Sarah James here, coming atcha post-show after a fabulous Day 1 at the To Bead True Show show. Candie Cooper and I are here working the Jesse James Beads booth, and having a blast doing it!

Setting 'em up! Tucson 2015 setup from the Jesse James booth at the To Bead True Blue Show. Come out and see us if you're in town!


We set up our super-fab booth on Saturday and early this morning pre-show. A helpful hand, Lil Miss Beader Gloria, came to help. We were so grateful to have an extra set of hands on deck! Today was our first day at the show and it was incredible. The customers that shopped the booth were excited about the JJB sparkle, we had a bunch of new products offer and new jewelry samples to display, the JJB music was pumping and all were having fun. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow, and then another and another and another! (We’re here ’til the 9th y’all!)

If you are in Tucson or close-by please come and see us. It’s a party over here at G117-118 (that’s our booth digits, wink). AND we are throwing a meet-and-greet cocktail/tamale event on Friday February 6. That is going to be great fun! Give us a jingle if you’d like to join and we’ll send you tickets for admission (email an RSVP to jjbonline@jessejamesbeads.com)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Keep a look out for more Tucsonian posts, many more beauteous blingy photos to come.

With Love and Creativity,

Sarah James


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