Ideas for Organizing Your BEAD stash!

Bead organization ideas from Jesse James BeadsI meant to grab a picture of my beading room and totally forgot.  Probably good, because you might see it and shriek with horror, running for safety.

My husband does.

Why does this beady stuff ooze from the cracks and corners?  Because cool beads inspire us to make things and the idea of that makes us HAPPY!  Until it gets out of control and guilt sets in, right?  At least that’s my case.Organize your bead stash in minutesHere are a few ideas and tips for grabbing the bead stash bull by the horns!Organizing your jewelry supplies from Jesse James BeadsGet a toolbox that’s BIG enough to store your tools, wires, and findings.  This is also great because it’s portable.Organizing your bead stash tips from JesseJamesBeads.comThere are some really great little plastic containers that are pretty reasonably priced to store all your findings in.  This is refreshing after having so many little bags floating around.  You know what I’m talkin’ about! (wink)How to store findings for jewelry makingBasic findings live in one….Single Beads from JesseJamesBeads.comand magical Jesse James Beads baby boho pairs live in the other.
Hang bead strands easily on pegboard--from JesseJamesBeads.comOne of the walls in my studio is covered in pegboard.  You can hang inspiration here as well as strand after strand.  I’ve got nothing but love for pegboard!  And it’s cheap!  You can paint it really easily too so it blends into your wall color.


Lastly, grab a friend while you organize!  It makes the work WAY MORE FUN!  Sarah helped me organize the Jesse James Beads tool box at the last show and it went so much faster than when I do these kinds of jobs by myself.

Tell us your organizing tips in the comments below.  What works for you?

🙂 Candie

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