Jesse James Beads and THON 2015

Jesse James Beads participated in the largest student run philanthropy, THONJJB had the opportunity to participate in our local chapter of THON, the organization started at Penn State University to raise money to kids with pediatric cancer. THON is the world’s largest student-run philanthropy. Short for marathon, dance marathon that is, THON is an event where teams of ‘dancers’ work all year to raise money from various sponsors for a 2-day no sleep, no sit event. The 48 hours is supposed to simulate the exhaustion the children battling cancer and other degenerative diseases feel. This event is truly inspiring and very emotional.

Our local chapter, BASD THON, raised $100,212 this year; the lead chapter at PSU raised over $13 million. Learn more about THON and what we mean when we say “FTK – For The Kids!”. There’s also a fantastic THON Blog with tons of info, inspiring photos, stories about the kids and more.



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