Bracelet Boutique EARRINGS!

DIY Jewelry Making with Jesse James BeadsWhen we designed the Bracelet Boutique program, we knew this day would someday come…LET’S USE THESE SWEET LINKS FOR EARRINGS!  We’re happy the day is finally here and boy are they pretty if we do say so ourselves…and we are!  If pink isn’t you’re color–we have lots of pretty focals with earthtones too!
Bracelet Boutique to EarringsSimplest list of supplies needed:  1 pair of ear wires, 1 set of Bracelet Boutique links, 2 head pins, 2 crystals, basic jewelry making pliers kit.  At the time I thought I wanted clear crystals, but when I went to put them on the link, I decided to use Peridot green crystals.  See what you think….
Bracelet Boutique Findings from Jesse James BeadsHot for summer, these links are embellished with delicate pieces of chain and sparkle.  I’ve worn them and they aren’t too heavy at all.
Jewelry Making  DIY earringsString a crystal onto the headpin and start a wrapped loop.
Creating a wrapped loop crystal dangleBefore wrapping it up, attach it to the link.  Now you can wrap the excess wire around and round.  Attach your ear wires and voi la!  Earrings for a sultry summer night!
Sultry Earrings with Bracelet Boutique componentsCheck-List:

Bracelet Boutique Focals (or see ALL of them HERE)

Head pins

Ear wires

See you next time!

🙂 Candie

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