Beautiful Blue Beads for DIY Making

Blue beads for summer jewelry design

I’m blue dah-ba-dee dah-ba-dah…anyone remember that one hit wonder from the 90’s? (This bead gal does!) It’s Sarah James from Jesse James Beads checking in to let you know about some colorful fun happening on over at the online bead shop. Blue beads, people! Blue. Beads. One of our best selling items is our Beads by the LB special in blue. This special is so popular that we have a tough time keeping it stocked! Blue Beads by the LB is officially back! So get her while she’s hot, or…cool? We also have tons of new blue strands and other breezy bead items in our Blue Color Category.

Free shipping at - use code SHIPSHAPE at checkout

More exciting news! This week we are doing Free Shipping! All US orders over $25 ship with JJB compliments from now through Friday, June 12 at midnight. All you need is the coupon code SHIPSHAPE – and a US address and $25+ order.

Today’s your day! Sail the bead blue sea, and keep everything ‘shipshape’ with our free shipping week. Ahoy!

Yo ho ho and a bottle of fun!

Sarah James

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