Friendship Day with Jesse James & Candie Cooper

Hello! In honor of Friendship Day, August 2, I am here to celebrate my super fabulous friendship with the incredible Candie Cooper! Candie Cooper is a Jewelry Maker, Teacher and Author, and she is rock solid awesome!

Friendship! Me and my best friend Candie Cooper, Author and Jewelry Maker. She rocks!Candie and I became friends in 2014 when we worked our first bead show together in Tucson in at the To Bead True Blue Show. Since then Candie has come on board with Jesse James Beads to help design new products, teach at bead shows, blog and promote and provide consultation from a designer perspective.

Blazing the Tucson Trail, Jesse James Beads and Candie Cooper bead across America!

Candie is not just a fantastic designer and teacher, she is an incredible friend. We have had many fun times, lots and lots of laughs! Even in dark times Candie has been a great ear to listen and given me really solid words of advice in times when I’ve needed it most.

Sarah James and Candie Cooper's beading adventuresIt’s a wonderful thing to practice gratitude, and I am grateful for my homiest of homies, Miss Candie Cooper! Thanks for being a great friend. I’m so blessed to work with such an inspiring person as you. Cheers to us!

And cheers to YOU, our fantastic fans, you make this happy little bead world spin ’round, and we are so glad you are here. Please come and see us online. Candie blogs for Jesse James about once a week, so check back to see what’s popping in our world! You can also touch base with Candie on her site, And be sure to stop by BeadFest Philadelphia and say hello there.

Cheers! Beads and Beers with Candie Cooper and Sarah James from Jesse James Beads

Cheers! Beads and Beers with Candie Cooper and Jesse James Beads

Have a fantastic start to your week! Be sure to celebrate your friends today, tomorrow and every day beyond. Show love and be love in all that you do. Thanks for stopping by, we are so appreciative of you!

Happy Regards,

Sarah James


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