What’s New? New Bead Strands

We love getting new product in, the anticipation of what the design team has created, the beautiful brand-new beads that go into the strand, the colors…ah heaven! Here’s a peak at some of the freshest strands to hit the Jesse James scene. Each can be found on the What’s New Page

Fall 2015 Pantone BeadsThe above beads are reminiscent of Pantone’s neutrals for Fall 2015. These beads remind me of the cool grey/green shades of Desert Sage, the dark and mysterious tones of Stormy Weather and the comforting smoothness of  Oak Bluff.

Warm neutral beads in brown, cream and ebony tones. Perfect for fall jewelryThe above montage is of our Inspiration Strands in bold brown hues. The bead content in these strands is remarkable. *Tip: When viewing our strands in the online shop, be sure to scroll on the product page and click the small icon with the full, diagonal laying strand. This way you can see the full array of beads in the strand.

And now a few of my favorites, and I bet you will like them too…

Autumn colored beads, $5.99 per strandThis is Vintage #02 – fabulous from top to bottom

Sahara #01 from Jesse James, $5.99 per StrandThis is Sahara #01, printed mother of shell pearl beads, an ornate Elite Boho in the center, complimented by gold, red and brown glass.

Amethyst Orchid Beads, Fall Pantone 2015 - $6.99/strandMy favorite style of beads, the Artisan Encrusted Bohos – they are incredible. So much sparkle and so elegant in jewelry. This strand is Boho #02, and the purple is reminiscent of Pantone 2015’s Amethyst Orchid. Purple is a win in my book all the time anyhow, but this season the deep version of this hue really shines for DIY making

Autumn is coming...you better bead ready. Beads for fall 2015Autumn is coming….You better Bead ready! Ah I just couldn’t resist. This girl here loves her Game of Thrones. Team Targaryen! Visit us on the web shop and check out all the new pretty items we are adding weekly for Fall. The changing of the seasons means new inspiration is upon us. Here’s to creating new and wonderfully unique things!

Have a most magical and creative day!


Light & Love,

Sarah James

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