Make Halloween Party Jewelry

autumn bracelets for festive creating

Halloween is right around the corner! And our Halloween strand stock has JUST returned back to our warehouse from the Whole Bead Show (thank you shipping company logistics for losing track of our seasonal goodies, ahem). So, with the Halloween date rapidly approaching we have deals out the wazoo on our limited edition Halloween Strands. Visit the new Celebrate Strand page to see our new seasonal flavors. There’s fresh tassels too!

autumn owl braceletThis sweet Autumnal Treat was made using the Autumn Owl Strand, two of our small size Cage Crystal Beads in gold, and a new tassel from our Tassel Heaven 10-Pack

day of the dead braceletDia de los Muertas! The Day of the Dead Bracelet and beads are here. This bracelet is beautiful for all times of the year, skulls are trendy and these white turquoise brain cages are absolutely rocking. To make this strand, our gal Pea used one Day of the Dead Strand and two small-size Cage Crystal Beads in gunmetal

Witches Shoes BraceletThis one is awesome – The Witches Shoes. Looks like that witch has some serious style. Make your own version using the Witches Shoes Strand and a new Heavenly Tassel


Thanks for popping by. Share your Halloween projects with us on our newest and most favorite social media platform…INSTAGRAM (woop woop!) Put a hashtag on it will ya, #jessejamesbeads. We love to see what you are up to with our beads (and we would just love to double tap dat…post!)


Have a great day, TGIF ladies and gents!


Happiest Regards,

Sarah James

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