This Week’s Picks – Top JJB Beads for Jewelry Making

Hi guys! It’s Sarah from Jesse James, coming at’cha with a bevvy of fresh beads for your designing pleasure. This past weekend was our massive Black Friday Sale, and you know what that means? Reeeestock! (you know, like REEEMIX!) Oh yes, tons and tons of new beads. Our What’s New page has over 55 hot off the presses bead mixes and signature JJB strands. Here’s a peak at my top five favorites:

Inspiration Bead Mix in Orchid from Jesse James Beads

Ooh la la, orchestral orchid. This is the Orchid Inspiration Bead Mix. So feminine and beautiful. My favorite beads in this mix are the printed mother-of-pearl beads and the sparkly periwinkle “galaxy” rondelles.


She sells bead-shells down by the seashore! This is our newest Artisan Strand, aptly named the Seamist Seashell Strand. This style of Jesse James Artisan Bead is my favorite – crushed pieces of Mother of Pearl Shell and caviar beads inlaid on glitter coated clay for a super unique sparkle and texture.


Cobalt Blue Fancy Bohemian Strand from Jesse James Beads

Cobalt Crush! This flavor of blue and I have been in a love affair for the past few months, can you blame me?! All the other colors step aside, Evening Hue Blue my heart is yours!

Hot Tango Design Elements Bead Mix from Jesse James Beads

The spicy vibe of Bohemia, flavors of some enchanting faraway land are ever-present in the Hot Tango Design Elements Mix. Unique glass cones and ceramic with beautiful glaze coatings are my stand out favorites of this mix, with the swirly green acrylic rounds as a close second.

Rose-Trio-Pendant-in-LilacTwo of my favorite things in one – the lusciously light color of lilac and the elegant swirly twirly shape of roses. The Tanzanite Rose Trio is our newest color in the top-selling Roses Are Phree Pendant Collection (see them all here). This pendant is fabulous for bold jewelry making. Wear as a trio (the connecting rings are fully soldered around), or snip apart and use individually.

Sarah James Loves Rose Trio Pendants from Jesse James Beads

Cozy and rosy in the Perfectly Peachy Rose Trio

Check out my top five favs for this week, and 50 other styles, at the Jesse James Beads Online Shop. And leave us a comment below will ya? We want to know what you like!

Have a fabulous evening, beautiful friends!


Sarah James

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