Tucson Love–A Quick Necklace Project & Matching Earrings

File Feb 11, 2 43 33 PMHi you guys!  It’s Candie Cooper writing and I’m fresh off the plane from the Tucson To Bead True Blue show where I worked with Jesse James Beads for 12 days.  Wow!  It was an amazing show with lots of jewelry loving folks running around sharing tips, necklace project designs, inspiration and more (and hugs…there were lots of hugs). Sarah and I love meeting all of you in person.  The bead love is alive!

On the last two days of our trip, I set out into the city to visit other shows and find new products for JesseJamesBeads.com with you especially in mind.  This is where our story for today begins….

People from all over the world come to Tucson to sell their goods so you can imagine my brain was on sparkle overload.  Billions and trillions of beads.  Everywhere.  I met some lovely vendors thanks to the Jesse James and had a blast pawing through boxes looking for fun trinkets and things to adorn ourselves for the coming year.  One of my first finds were these silver heart pendants with a faux turquoise stone in them.  With all the cacti, cowboy boots, desert, and rock, it seemed natural to embrace the southwest style and bring it home to you in our first of many kits! Tucson Love Necklace - Turquoise Desert Inspiration copy

This kit goes together in a snap.  You can also rearrange the pieces to easily make bracelets with the Bracelet Boutique turquoise links and simply slide the pendant on a cable.  When styling this kit, I wanted you to be as inspired as I was with the southwest charm so I added in some turquoise heart chain for you to play with.  Can we ever have enough turquoise?  I think not.

Tucson Love Necklace Project - Turquoise Heart Chain - Jesse James Beads and Candie Cooper

You can string the beads just as they come putting the heart pendant in the middle.

Split the chain in half and crimp each side of the necklace to the ends of chain.

Tucson Love Turquoise Desert Necklace Project by Candie Cooper for Jesse James Beads

Attach a clasp with jump rings to the end links of chain.

Desert Dweller Earrings from the Tucson Love Bead Kit by Jesse James Beads

Top off this look with some sassy earrings, perfect for the cowgirl in you.  You’ll need a couple small beads, head pins and a pair of ear wires.  String the beads and attach them to one loop on the Bracelet Boutique link with a wrapped loop.  Attach your ear wires to the opposite loop.

Tucson Love Turquoise and Silver Pendant Necklace Project by Candie Cooper for Jesse James Beads

You can easily make this in an evening.  Need a gift for a friend?  This is it.  I hope you enjoy our first Tucson Love kit.  I mean really…Can we ever have too much turquoise?  I think not.

Lots of love–


P.S.  The above is a photo of the backyard at the house where Sarah and I stayed in Tucson.  It was crazy beautiful to wake up to!

Want to recreate the Tucson Love Necklace and Earring Set? Get the Tucson Love Kit at the online shop

Tucson Love Turquoise and Silver Necklace Kit from Jesse James Beads

Not included in kit:

Beading wire

#2 crimp beads

Ear wires

Head pins

2 small turquoise beads, 8mm

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