Random Act of Kindness Day – Beads of Courage

Today is Random Act of Kindness Day – which is a wonderful notion for our humankind. To practice kindness to one another is our gift; the more you give, the more you receive. One of the best organizations to display Random Acts of Kindness is our favorite philanthropy, Beads of Courage. BOC is headed up by Jean Gribbon, who identifies herself as a “Nurse of Science on a Quest to Advance Caring for Others through Beads.” Jean and her Team at Beads of Courage inspire hope and honor courage to children suffering cancer and other debilitating diseases via beads. They are a spirit lifting organization. Spirit lifting…which is life saving, in the moment

Here’s a clip from CBS Sunday Morning about the Beads of Courage Organization.

Jesse James and Beads of Courage Jean Gribbon at the annual Bead Inspired Event in Tucson

Jean Gribbon, President of Beads of Courage, and Jesse James

Beads of Courage celebrates honor and courage by providing bead gifts to children. Jean quotes that we as “humans need to give gifts. It is how we honor and celebrate one another. Most gifts are given during ceremony or ritual…like birthday, wedding, or in death, as a way to give reverence for life and to provide authentic presence in honor of a loved one. The gift is usually an object, which becomes a [lasting and tangible] metaphor for the caring intentions of another.”

We are celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day in several gift formats – We are participating in the Beads of Courage Carry A Bead Program, gifting children with beads, and practicing gratitude to the gifts that have been given to us over the past month. So blessed we are to have so much kindness in our lives!

Beads of Courage Carry A Bead Program

My Beads of Courage Carry a Bead bracelet, within a stack of other precious jewelry gifts

The Carry-A-Bead Program

Beads of Courage provides the wearer two lampwork beads. The wearer carries both for a time, then when ready, sends one bead back with a note to be given to a random child in the program, and keeps one of the bead for him or herself as a reminder of hope and gratitude that they wrapped up with their bead gift. I’ve created a bracelet out of my beads with some other Jesse James Beads. The bracelet fills me with joy, as do the other tokens on my wrist (all gifts in one form or another). This weekend I will remove my bracelet, snip one of the blue and red spotted beads off, and send back to BOC for distribution to a child in need. I’ve poured so much happy, vibrant energy into these beads. And to quote Jean Gribbon again, “beads really are so much more than just beads”. This program is a testament to that.

Want to get involved? Click here to learn more and Carry a Bead yourself!

Bead Gift for Random Act of Kindness Day

Our beaded gift to Katie H. and her friends, all in the NC Beads of Courage program

A Beaded Gift

Last week a sweet girl named Katie reached out to us on Facebook. She heard about the work that we were doing with Beads of Courage and asked if perhaps she and her friends could have some beads; Katie and her girlfriends are all enrolled in the BOC program in North Carolina. Today we packed up a pretty box full of beads and sparkle and Beadalon stringing material. This is our act of kindness for today, we hope the girls enjoy their gift


Practice gratitude everyday. Gratitude keychain project from Jesse James Beads

Practice Gratitude Everyday

Gratitude is the gift we are able to give to every one, every thing, every day. Be grateful for all the circumstances you experience each day, the people that are in your life, a genuine smile of a sales clerk behind a counter, your dog’s happy dance when you come through the front door, a warm meal, a sip of water. Be thankful as much as possible, throughout your day. This is not only a gift you give back to humanity but a gift you give yourself. Be grateful and watch your days turn to sunshine and your heart become bubbling over with love.

We are so grateful for our fans, and our industry friends. For being able to travel the world and find exciting new beads to share with our creative community. For being able to express ourselves through color and inspiration. For creating fun and captivating projects, like the Gratitude Key Charms posted above.

Random Act of Kindness Gift Set

Free Gifts for You!

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Thank you so much for popping by. Please do share your stories of gift giving and gratitude with us! Leave a note in the comments section below. We love hearing from you, our fans. Our cup of gratitude runneth over


Happy Regards,

Sarah James

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