In Memory of Prince – Purple Rain Necklace

Like everyone, the sudden passing of Prince has made mine and everyone at hearts’ ache.  As artists, we are lucky to be able to express our sadness through our creativity.  Here is a necklace I created as a small Prince Purple Rain Necklace Homage and a letter of sorts to him.

Purple Rain Necklace - Choker Necklace Homage for Prince - Candie Cooper for Jesse James Beads

Dear Prince,

Through the internet, I’ve been able to see so many incredible artists celebrate your life.  It has been beautiful to watch.  I once heard that instead of being sad, we should try to smile because it happened.  So with that, I would like to add to this celebration with my Purple Rain Necklace choker.

Purple Rain Necklace - Purple Compressed Jasper Beads from Jesse James Beads

I started with this beautiful focal section of overlapping compressed jasper beads. This makes me think of all the layers in your work.
Guitar Wire Inspired Jewelry - Purple Rain Necklace Project from Jesse James Beads and Candie Cooper

These pieces are strung onto bright silver wire for a couple reasons.  You radiated energy in your performances and the wires make me think of guitar strings.

Paisley Park Aesthetic - Jewelry inspired by Musical Legend Prince - The Purple Rain Choker Necklace from Jesse James Beads

I added in tiny silver beads for a touch of modern.  Although I never made it, Paisley Park’s aesthetic and clean lines took me to another world.  Utterly in awe.

Purple Rain Necklace Project from Candie Cooper and Jesse James Beads

You were a huge part of the soundtrack of my youth.  My older sister had your cassette tapes.  We wore them out!

And who can forget the time we actually got to “party like it was 1999!”  You sent us into the millennium with a bang.  We had so much fun!
Purple Rain Necklace Clasp - Sparkly Purple Toggle Clasp for Jewelry Making from Jesse James Beads

To top off this necklace, I used a purple crystal toggle clasp and hid the crimp beads with silver crimp covers .  You have added so much sparkle to this thing called life.

With that, I want to take a moment and say thank you, Prince, for your vision and living true.  You’ve been a great inspiration and will never be forgotten.  Thank you.

<3 Candie

Purple Rain Necklace - Choker with Purple Jasper Stone Beads as a Homage to Prince - Candie Cooper for Jesse James Beads


Want to make a Purple Rain Necklace of your own? Pick up one of Jesse James Beads’ new Stone Pendant sets, I used the Purple Impression Jasper pendant in this Purple Rain choker

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Purple Rain Necklace - How to make a  Tribute jewelry piece from Candie Cooper and Jesse James Beads

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