How To String a Necklace

In Tucson at the To Bead True Blue show, Sarah and I set to finding some fabulous pendants to match our big, glorious, beads.  This bird was one of our finds.  Here’s how I used it in a necklace using a basic crimping technique.  Let’s go!
You will need: 3 strands of JJBs, pendant, 49 strand .018 beading wire, #2 crimp tubes, clasp, crimping pliers, wire cutters and possibly some chain nose pliers.

 I mixed and matched the third odd strand into the green strand of boho beads until I got it just right–approximately 8″ on one side of the bird.  I love the saucy pink and green color combo.
String two crimp beads onto the wire followed by the clasp.  Thread the tail of wire back through the crimp beads.  The reason I use two crimp beads is because of the chunky, weighty, nature of this piece.  
Crimp the crimp beads into a “U” shape by placing them in the inside opening of the crimping pliers.
Turn 90 degrees and place them in the “eye” opening of the crimping pliers.  Clamp down and roll the crimp beads over.

String the second half of the necklace and finish the end as you did on the first side.
Now that’s a Bird in Paradise!

Happy Spring!

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