How to Make a Memory Wire Bracelet with Unique Beads

Memory Wire Bracelet with Charms Hello!  It’s Candie here with a bracelet tutorial that’s one of my faves to make!  It uses special wire called “memory wire.”  Memory wire is unique from traditional wire in that it holds it’s shape.  This project uses it in oval form, but you can find it in round too.  It’s perfect for Jesse James Beads Petite Strands!Memory Wire Bracelet MaterialsYou will need:  two pairs of chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, memory wire, charms (optional), Jesse James Beads Design Elements and Petite strands of your color choice!

You’ll also need some nippers that are for heavy duty cutting–steel especially.  If you were to cut memory wire with your regular wire cutters, you’ll ruin them because they simply aren’t made for tempered wire.String the beadsDetermine how many rounds of wire you want your bracelet to be and tape off the rest of the coil.  I don’t like to cut the coils from the group because I might change my mind on how long or short I want the bracelet.

Now for the fun part!  Start stringing those beautiful beads!Roll the end of the wireFinish the end of the wire when you are satisfied with the bead work by making a loop with round nose pliers.  Slide the beads down next to the loop, trim leaving 3/8″ and make a second loop.Open the jump ring on the charmOpen the jump ring on the charm from side to side with pliers and connect to the loop on the bracelet, closing the loop.  Repeat for the remaining loop.Memory Wire BraceletI gave this one to my mom because I used her initials and she loves the unique neutral tones of the beads.Memory Wire Bracelet with Charms


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