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Hello friends! I’ve just gotten back to South Florida after a beautiful weekend of beads, birthday celebrations and (clearly) best times ever. What a weekend! Jesse James Beads participated in the Whole Bead Show NYC, and what a show it was. We had such an amazing time at the show. It was our first time vending with Whole Bead and the turn out was exceptional. Thank you all for coming to see us! We saw many familiar faces from Bead Fest and got to meet a ton of new friends as well. This weekend I got the pleasure of working with two phenomenal beady babes; Miss Kate and Miss Liz. We had a great time in the city and the show experience was above and beyond anything I personally could have expected. So grateful to be in the beading biz. You, my dear creative bead friends, are what makes our show experience so incredible. We thank you to the moon and back for that!


Here’s a quick tour of our show highlights. If you haven’t yet gotten to experience JJB at a bead show we sure hope for the opportunity to meet and greet with you soon! Here’s the listing of all JJB shows and events scheduled now through June 2015.


The JJB Booth Set Up

Our setup is always quite an experience – We have a lot of stuff people! We did our setup a little different this time around and it was a hit. If you made it to the Whole Bead Show what did you think of the JJB booth setup? We love to hear from you, your feedback matters to us 🙂

whole bead show setup jesse james beads


whole bead jjb bead party


The Show Experience!

We like to have fun at the JJB booth – The JJB version of fun is uber-colorful, texture-filled, inspiration-sparking, magic-making, creative-conspiring…a fantastically fabulous day of bead show shopping!

whole bead show bead show experience jesse james beads


New Stuff at the JJB Booth (and online!)

Have you seen some of our newest items and sale specials? The Tortoise Shell Chain is – dare I say it – off da’ chain! Sari Silk Ribbons are perfect for making our Bohemian Beader Necklace. And we’ve brought our Inspiration Pack Sale to the internet, and then some! Get 10 Inspiration packs for just $41.99 (that’s just $4.20/pack, wahoo!)

whole bead new table jesse james beads


Beautiful NYC

My trip to the Northeast was blessed with amazing weather and incredible company. This was the view we had every day on our walk to and from the show. The architecture in New York is so breathtaking! It made me really appreciate how amazing this bead life is, I get to travel all over, sell creative things to creative people, and experience the world in such a uniquely amazing way!

jjb does nyc whole bead


Birthday Girl Hits her Two Favorite Cities

This past Saturday was my birthday – 28 Years of Fierce, baby! Not only was the bead show amazing, I also got to experience an incredible birthday celebration with some of my nearest and dearest friends from Philly. On Monday we went to the Philadelphia Magic Gardens on 10th and South in Philly. This place is epically beautiful and artistically amazing. If you are in the NE and can travel to experience it, please do. Oh, and grab a cheese steak while you’re there. Trust me it’s a  great time!

magic gardens birthday jesse james


Once again thank you ALL for being a part of the Jesse James Beads experience. We love and appreciate you so much and are eternally grateful for your steadfast passion for creativity and your desire to seek out that which is the most unique! May love and light flow through your creations and your inspiration be forever sparked!


Yours in Creativity,

Sarah James

PS – We are having a 20% Off Sale on everything black or orange now through midnight on 10/31. This is a baller sale on everyone’s favorite neutral color (black!) and also the most jammin’ party color ever (orange!) – Get in on it while stock is still available!

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