DIY Energy Bells

DIY Energy Bells from Jesse James BeadsEnergy bells are something I’ve been wanting to make for a long time.  With the new year here, it seemed like the time was right.

Energy bells, traditionally called Ting-sha or Tibetan chimes, are for clearing negative energy from spaces.  There is a lot more to it, but the general idea is to put positive energy through harmonious sound into your space to make it feel good.

These DIY energy bells were inspired by Tibetan chimes.  I am going to hang these bells on my door. When I hear them ring, it will remind me to count my blessings, think positively, be in the moment and so on…

These bells are from India and they are just beautiful.How to Make an Energy BellYou’ll also need a 7″ strand of Jesse James Beads in your favorite colors, crimp tubes, and 19 strand beading wire.Flat Crimping beads on a wireString the beads onto the wire and attach to the bell.  I like to use two crimp beads to make sure it’s extra secure.  Flat crimp with chain nose pliers.Make a loop at the end of beading wireSlide the beads down towards the bell and finish the end with a loop, flat crimping two more crimp tubes to secure.Tie ribbons onto beaded strandTie ribbons onto the bell and wire wherever you like.DIY Energy Bells


How to Make Energy Bells from Jesse James Beads


Energy Bells with Sari Silk Ribbon and Jesse James Beads

All good thoughts in 2015!




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