Memory Wire DIY Bracelet with Turquoise Resin Flower Beads

Memory Wire Bracelets are fun and easy, try new flower resin beads for Jesse James, starting at $0.50 at the online shop!It’s all about the beads in this bracelet – and memory wire of course! We love the way our eclectic mix of beads spin so nicely round the stay-in-place rings of Beadalon’s Remembrance Wire. This simple project is a win for the sunny, sparkling days that are so soon to come

Going Coastal! Beads to make an easy DIY Memory Wire Bracelet from JesseJamesBeads.comWe’re going Coastal over here at Jesse James Beads! Get a pack of Coast Design Elements, and you are more than halfway there to having these beautiful bracelet. Here’s how to put this stunner together:

1. Using your Round-Nose Pliers, curl one end of Memory Wire into a loop

2. String Design Element Beads and Resin Flowers in an appealing design

3. Cut memory wire at the end of your design and curl end into a loop

4. Make a cute tail by stringing a few beads onto a head pin and attaching to bracelet by making a wire-wrapped loop


Want the goods to make this fab summer swag? Have at ’em!

Beadalon Remembrance Wire

Beadalon Head Pins

JJB Design Elements in Coastal

Large Resin Flower in Teal

Small Resin Flowers in White

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