Chunky Tortoise Chain Necklace

Today’s jewelry project is inspired by our beloved craft ninja, Candie Cooper and her DIY Halloween Jewels Blog! We are going to make a Chunky Tortoise Chain Necklace…

Chunky Chain Purple and Brown NecklaceI cooked this beauty up in a snap! The difficult part was deciding how to arrange my beads!! Hehe.

Acrylic chain for beading, $12 per meterFor this particular necklace I used Artisan Strand #33, Stoneware Strand #8 ,a few extra matching single bead pairs, and the chunky tortoise chain to complete the look!

The purple beads you need, from Jesse James BeadsMake sure that the lower strand is 4-6 beads longer than the upper strand, this will create a seamless, layered look! Once I was satisfied with the bead arrangement, I cut out my desired length of tortoise chain. I then strung my beads onto gold 49 strand stringing wire and crimped it right onto the tortoise chain, no jump ring required!

Smile! Purple beads love youHappy Beading Y’all!!



Materials used for the Chunky Tortoise Chain Necklace are:

Chunky Tortoise Chain

Stoneware Strand #8

Artisan Strand #33

49 String Stringing Gold Wire

Gold Crimp Tubes

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