Beading with Teens and Tweens

Tween Beading Project Idea-jewelry with tassels and boho beadsHey guys!  Long time!  Things have been busy in Candie-Land, working behind the scenes on JJB projects, travel, and teaching.  One of my most favorite classes I recently taught was specifically for teens at our local library.  Tween beading project idea from Candie Cooper and Jesse James BeadsIt’s a simple stretch bracelet with one JJB focal boho bead along with a tassel and charm.  If you know me, you know I’m on a mission to teach young people the beautiful beading and jewelry world and the joy of having a hobby in our most stressful world.  Jesse James Beads is on board too!  Here are some photos of our latest collaboration:
Tween Beading Project Idea suppliesWhen teaching, I like to set the supplies up to create a mood.  Everything is organized into cups and bowls.  To complete my boho vibe, these girls got to use shells to put their beads and supplies in.Jewelry Making with teensI have to say, I was pretty blown away with the results!Jewelry Making with TweensSome girls wanted to make two, some didn’t want a tassel (then changed their minds), and I even had a young man in the class make one for his little sister.Tween Beading Project Idea-jewelry with tassels18 bracelets later, happy teens, I left feeling great!  Plus, 18 more seeds were planted in my “teaching young people to make stuff with their hands” garden.  Join me in this effort, won’t you?  We’d love to hear your stories and projects!

Are you new to stretch bracelet making?  Here’s an easy tutorial just for YOU.



JJB focal boho beads

Plain glass beads (how about cutting up some old jewelry?)

Tassel (optional)

Charms (optional)

Jump rings

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