Unique Beads Made of Unique Things

Unique hand-crafted beads made from clay, metal and rhinestones. So what are those beautiful baubles made of? If I had a bead for every time I’ve heard this question over the course of a few years, well I’d have a lot more beads than I already do (and that’s saying something!). Jesse James Beads are made of all sorts of material, but I think it’s our signature Jesse James Boho Bead that jogs this question into most beaders mind.

The Jesse James Boho…she is a thing of beauty.

The JJB Signature Boho Bead is made of colored clay with pretty little metal, rhinestone and fiber embellishments. Each bead is made by hand on a dowel, then the ball-chain, stones, metal end-caps and embellishments are pressed into the clay individually while the bead is still wet. Our new Artisan Beads are made of clay that is then rolled in crushed shell, rhinestone, glitter, and more. Simply beautiful. All of our beads are sensitive-skin safe (lead-free, nickel-free and cadmium-free).

Artist-Designed Classics

The majority of our signature Boho beads have been designed by our co-owner, Karen James. And, just recently, Candie Cooper and myself got to try our hand at designing beads. It was wicked! Keep an eye out for the Candie-Sarah-Karen collaborations soon to come this Fall


Thanks for popping by! I send you off with all the love and inspiration in the world


Love & Laughter,

Sarah James

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