DIY With Your Kids: Washer Necklace

Easy-Washer-Necklace-DIYHi everyone! This is the Crafty Team from JJB with a fun craft to make with the kids this summer. We love Pinterest here at Jesse James Beads, as I’m sure you do too. Fantastic for inspiration! This weeks DIY is inspired by all the Washer Necklace Pins that are trending on Pinterest lately. We thought it’d be a great project to try with your kids since it’s summer time and it beats watching TV all day!! Plus, most of the materials you can find already around the home. Let’s get to it!

Easy Washer Necklace DIYTo get started we found some Bamboo Cord, you can also use twine or suede cord. Then you’ll need some old metal washers from the tool box. Up-cycling common household items is a great way to give an old/unused item better purpose. “One woman’s washer is another woman’s handmade jewelry!”

Easy Washer Necklace DIYThen we picked out the ripest Bohos in the Bunch! Keep in mind bead hole sizes and cord thicknesses, most Bohos have a 3-4mm hole which will work perfect.

Easy Washer Necklace DIYTo get the washers these funky fresh colors we painted them with pretty bright nail polishes. After painting make sure your washers are thoroughly dry before picking them up. Or, perhaps you’d like to add a few personal ‘touches’ with a finger print texture, just gently press yours and your kids fingers into the paint while the nail polish is still wet.


Ready to pull it all together? Cut your cord to your desired length. Fold your cord in half and thread looped end through the washer hole, thread the ends of the cord through the looped end and pull to secure the washer. Add your favorite JJBs through cord ends and tie off.

Easy Washer Necklace DIYThis is a fun and easy project for you and your kids. Get out there and CREATE! It’s summer time!

For Easy Washer Necklace you will need…

Boho Beads



-Nail Polish


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