Friendship Bracelets BraceletsWe’ve seen it so many times on the bead show circuit and it never gets old:  friends shopping for beads together.  We love to hear stories and giggles, even a little teasing amongst them.  It is these moments that add so much to our day when we work the Jesse James booth.  Thank you for these moments dear customers!

This bracelet set was inspired by the likeness and difference in friends.  It uses the Bracelet Boutique focal elements. When we designed the Bracelet Boutique collection we really wanted there to be something for everybody.  And there is.Jewelry Making Materials from JesseJamesBeads.comMay I suggest inviting your best pal over for a beading date?  Or how about making her an extra special present just because…

You’ll need:

Bracelet Boutique connector

1 Petite strand

Beading Wire (19 strand)

#2 Crimp tubes

ClaspBracelet Boutique link from #followyourarrowString five and a half inches-ish of beads onto the wire.

Cut the BB connector from the card.  If you haven’t seen the BB collection in person, the connectors are all really small and cute.  Bracelet sized links are hard to find and we wanted to make something that fits this hole in the jewelry making universe.Follow Your Arrow jewelrySecure one end of the beading wire to the connector by crimping.Follow Your Arrow BraceletAttatch the ring end of a toggle clasp to the link with a tiny jump ring.DIY Jewelry Making bracelet tutorial

Check the fit of the bracelet.

Slide the beads next to the connector and attach the toggle end of the clasp to the wire with a crimp bead.Follow Your Arrow link from Bracelet Boutique by JesseJamesBeads.comMake one for you.  Make it for a friend.  Make it BraceletsIf Thelma and Louise were bracelets….these would be it.  Tell me your bead buddy stories in the comments!

Until next time–

🙂 Candie

53a473359d85ebfa7cf0abbc_thelma-and-louiseThelma and Louise gif source here.

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