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Sell your jewelry for a profit. Turn those beads into cash with quick DIY projectsReady to cash in on your hobby? You and me both, sister (and brother). Jesse James Beads are really great for turning your jewelry projects into extra change because our beads are both very unique and also very budget friendly. Our fans rave over the reviews they receive when wearing Jesse James Beads, and how their JJB jewelry is the first to sell of their lot. This is fantastic feedback, and I’m so glad to share it with you, especially if you are just getting starting in the making & selling game.

Earrings to sell. Turn your DIY hobby into a business

The bitty beads featured in these earrings cost $1.50 per pair. The kidney bean ear wires are $0.44 per pair, and the head pins start at $0.08 per pair. That makes each set of earrings only $2.02 to make. And the amount of time you ask? These earrings are just two wire wrapped loops away from making your hella cashola.

How to price these earrings? I found a few tips from the Jewelry Making Journal that were quite helpful! They advise to add together…

  1. The amount of materials (for these earrings, $2.02)
  2. Multiply 4x the cost of materials ($2.02 x 4 =$8.08)
  3. Add your prorated hourly rate
  4. Add in 10% for your overhead (someone’s got to keep the AC pumping in the hot summer heat!)

For our earrings pictured above we will do $2.02 (materials) x 4 = $8.08.

These earrings are a 10-minute project, presuming our hourly rate is $20, add in $3.33 for labor

Multiply this total ($11.41) by .1 to get your 10% overhead ($1.14)

…and Ta-Dah! Your base retail cost for the above earrings is $12.55. This price gives you enough wiggle room to be able to wholesale your goods and still make a profit when that boutique comes knocking at your door for your fabulous earring sets.

Thanks for tuning in! Love and Light!

Sarah James

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