How to Make Quick Fashion Jewelry

Trend Jewelry - Wooden Chain necklace with beads in Cashmere RoseThis is the first of a three part fashion post.  We’re going to show you quick ideas for adding to your fall wardrobe.  Starting off with an easy wood chain and bead necklace, this piece will look good with your jeans and boots or a Jewelry with wood chainThis chain is the perfect size for this stunning Caliente Coral strand of Jesse James Beads. We’ve got this special jewelry making chain in a few styles and lengths.  I opted for this soft brown so I could ease into Fall from Summer colors.DIY Jewelry Making Jewelry with wood chain and seed beadsOne of the questions I get a lot is how to connect beading wire to obscure materials like this chain.  The solution is simple: seed bead loop with a crimp.  It’s a beautiful (and functional!) Easy Jewelry with unique wood chain and beadsAll you need is 19 strand Beadalon wire and some #2 Crimp tubes to make it happen! new clasp and wood chainThat’s fine and all, but what about a clasp you ask!  Large jump rings is the answer.  For this particular clasp, I added a second tiny jump ring to the toggle so it fit through the flower loop perfectly.Stay tuned for our next fashion installment!

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