Party Favors for Kid Birthdays

Princess Birthday Party Favors - Fun activities for kids of all agesHooray! Your kid is growing, she is beautiful, and it is another lap around the sun for your shining princess. What is it now? She’d like a party? Why of course! And you would love to throw her one. Now there will need to be cake…and music…and activities… What shall you do to hold the attention of a group of 6-12 little ones for four hours? Eek gads, you aren’t a kindergarten teacher! May we present to you, the Disney Princess Jewelry Party Favor Pack. Each little party invitee gets her own Princess Bead Kit with enough beads, string and Disney pendant to create her own stunning bracelet and necklace set. Fingers are busy, minds are captive, parents are happy, and mom saves the day with the best kid birthday party of the season! Huurrah! ‘Tis good to be queen..


Get your Princess Bead Packs at the online shop, $5.99 each!


The Little Mermaid Princess Bead Kit from Jesse James

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