Whole Bead – New York Bead Show

The Big Apple was a blast…what an amazing time we had at the Whole Bead Show. Nestled in the back corner of the room, the Jesse James Beads booth was rockin’. Outside our windows, views of the majestic Empire State Building. Inside our walls, all the sparkle and inspiration one could imagine. Here’s a peak at the magic happening at the JJB Booth this past weekend in NYC, and look into what’s trending now in the world of jewelry making…


First and foremost, here is what’s hotter than hot now at Jesse James. Take these beads and make them your own. Resell ’em, wear ’em, either or you are bound to turn heads with these stellar new Rose Trios and Cage Crystal Beads

whole bead show - best sellers

Trending now…Cage beads and Rose Pendants


Meet the cover-girl necklace of Stringing Magazine, Western Skies by Candie Cooper. Candie made an incredible piece featuring Jesse James beads and components. Kits are available to recreate this wonder, find the Western Skies Tassel Necklace Kit at the shop online.

whole bead show - bca stringing kits

View of the Empire State on the Thursday Preview Night


Fresh Pantone hues made especially for the Whole Bead Show. The above strands will be available once our booth shipment arrives back to Florida. An even bigger array of Pantone Beads thrives at the online shop

whole bead show - fall pantone pastels

Pantone Strands, new for Whole Bead Show

whole bead show - cage beads

One of our beautiful Pantone Strands crafted into a bracelet using new Cage Crystal Beads


New Breast Cancer Awareness Strands in support of Pink October, these beauties were a knock out. We are donating 10% of all October bead show and online purchases to Breast Cancer Research. Bead Pink!

whole bead - breast cancer awareness strands

Bead Pink!


Amazing new single beads, OMG. We debuted a plethora of new ones at this season’s Whole Bead NYC.

whole bead - oh my gnome single beads

Oh my Gnome! Beautiful new singles launched at Whole Bead.We launched a whole table full of new singles. The fox says YES!


It’s officially sports season! With football in full swing and hockey about to kick off, our team color mixes  have been a huge hit both online and at the show. Passionate for team sports? Have a big team following in your town, or a kid that plays for school? Make some swag for the fans or the parents in the stands (Busta’ Rhymes over here!)

whole bead show - football mixes

Making to resell? Team spirit jewelry is a HUGE sell. Go team go!


This chain is..off da chain! There I said it. Seriously though, this acrylic chain is the bomb. The links are fully fused together making it super durable. It’s lightweight and incredibly easy to work with. This was a massive hit at the show. Available in full 3m lengths or can be cut into 1.5m portions.

whole bead show - chain

Acrylic chain and wood chain


A future beader admiring that infamous JJB sparkle. Too sweet for words. Do our future generations a favor, teach them the love of creativity and beading!

whole bead show - young beader

Beads capturing the gaze of our beading youth


We have a new mantra, and I think you are going to like it: “Leave a little Sparkle wherever you go.” Want to be part of the Jesse James Mug Club? Enter the code GIFT at checkout with your purchase of $50+ and we will hook you up. Limit one per beader <3

whole bead show - leave a little sparkle

The Jesse James Mug Club


Thanks for popping in to see what’s happening here at Jesse James. Many thanks to all the beautiful folks that stopped in at Whole Bead. It was a blast working with you over the weekend. Be sure to share your creations with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


Warmest Regards,

Sarah James


PS…A little whimsy for your Wednesday Hump Day! Elephants beads behaving badly, au contraire

whole bead - naughty elephant

Elephant beads gone wild!


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