Jewelry Trend – Chunky Floral Necklace

Fashion Friday - Garden Party

Today’s fashion trend to watch: Floral print in clothing and accessories. Step aside spring fashion, fall is here and she’s taking the blooms with her. Fall sings floral in a slightly different tune – warm pinks and creams and nostalgic greens, nighttime motifs and larger than life blooms. It’s no wonder the Garden Party Necklace fits in with this fall’s looks so well. The muted pinkish/orangeish/reddish works perfect with fall’s murky pastel color trends, and the size of roses hit the larger than life statement look to a tee.

rose fashion close up 1

To recreate a Garden Party Necklace of your own you will need the following:

1 Rose Trio Pendant

1 Tortoise Shell Acrylic Chain

1 Spool of Beadalon Suede Lace

8 Large Jump Rings

Thanks for popping in for our first edition of Fashion Friday! Style is my passion, so expect more posts like this. Any look can become a head turner with the right piece of jewelry. Let’s create something beautiful together, one fabulous piece at a time.


Sarah James

**For instructions on how to create this piece please email me at jjbonline(at)jessejamesbeads(dot)com

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