DIY Gift Giving



The holidays are quickly approaching and if you’re anything like me, the words ‘holiday shopping’ probably make you cringe! Well here’s good ‘ol creativity to save your holiday season. Instead of waiting in lines and being stuck in traffic why don’t you make a cup of Joe, turn on Frankie Valli Radio and get to craftin’! Here are some easy DIY gift ideas.
PicMonkey CollageOn the top Left we have a memory wire bangle using a JJB Petite Strand and Design Element mixed bead pack. The memory wire is super tough to cut, make sure you have a wire cutter on hand!


For the Bohemian Nights Bangle you will need…

Memory Wire

-Design Element in VENUS (or your choice of color palette)

Petite Strand #24


Next we have the Hemp Knotted Bracelet. This project is great for beginners, just make sure your bead hole size matches cord width!! Here we used green colored hemp purchased at a local craft store, an Inspiration Pack in Natural Beauty and a toggle clasp for a touch of class.


For the Hemp Knotted Bracelet you will need…

-Hemp (or your choice of cord such as leather)

-Inspiration Pack in NATURAL BEAUTY


Last but not least we recreated an old favorite in new colours. For this necklace we used Black Acrylic Chain and some new JJB Strands in beautiful muted hues.


For Black Acrylic Necklace you will need…

Black Acrylic Chain

Nostalgia #2

Vintage #1

Lampwork #15 

Crimp tubes

19 Silver Stringing Wire


Now that you have been pumped with inspiration and creative juices, get out there and create til your hearts content!

May the Beads be with you.



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