Beautiful Beads for Thanksgiving Decorations

Earthy Bead Strands for Autumn Crafting and Thanksgiving DIY Crafts

The leaves are changing up north and we are feeling the flavors of fall. Earthy greens, mustard yellow, pumpkin-spiced orange and yummy wine-soaked reds. Planning on creating decorations for your table this Thanksgiving? Why not make sure beautiful votive centerpieces filled with fall colored beads? Or create beaded garland to drape around the table or your mantle. The sparkle and possibilities are endless!

See beautiful strands and mixes on our freshly updated What’s New page, or swing by the Pantone Strand Page to get your dose of Pantone-inspired color fresh for this season (muted pastels for fall, ooh baby they are tantalizingly delicious!)

Want to see something special in terms of color combinations or new Jesse James Beads innovations? Comment below! We’d love to hear your input.

Beautiful evening and a lovely tomorrow


Your Beady Babe,

Sarah James


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