New Year Jewelry Idea

Ganesh Boho charm necklace designed by Candie Cooper with components and findings from JesseJamesBeads.comHi you guys!  It’s Candie writing you today.  Long time!  I hope this finds you well in the new year.

This year when working out my design schedule with Jesse James Beads, we decided to work in some over the top design pieces. This idea really sang to me, as I love making pieces that really fill up my soul pieces and challenge my brain.  Don’t get me wrong, I also love designing easy and fun projects and that ain’t ever gonna change! There’s something beautiful about fiddling with unique connections, movement, texture, symbolism, and color to tell a story and give a powerful feeling when you look at it.

Candie Cooper design for Jesse James Beads

And guess what?  Jesse James Beads was all for it!  So here we are…  I hope you enjoy these pieces and find inspiration somewhere within them. This piece started when Sarah suggested creating a resolution necklace for the first week of the New Year. My suggestion? The beautiful Ganesha pendants and parading elephant charms that we found together on our trip overseas. Sarah sent me a goodie pack of beads and swag and away I went!

I knew the elephant “Ganesha” is a Hindu deity, symbolic for empowerment. With a little more reading, I discovered that Ganesha is there to help remove obstacles and is the ‘Deity of Beginnings.’ Perfect!  This fits right in with my New Year’s resolutions, and I bet it may with yours as well.

Ganesh necklace with tassels from Candie Cooper and Jesse James

One of my 2016 resolutions is to start meditating.  I love India, it’s culture and meditation is a big part of that. Yesterday I meditated for 5 minutes with the plan of starting slow and moving up. I then started on this new beginnings necklace. My little one is home sick so I worked at my new desk with low light.  It wasn’t until I took the piece outside that I realized the chain has splashes of chartreuse and one of my tassels wasn’t the right shade of orange.  Oh no, I thought. Panic started to rise as the perfectionist started chirping in my head.  Then something made me stop and pause and I was able to realize the beauty of it:  I got to stay home with my kid, working at my new desk, on a piece that filled up my soul.  It’s all part of the story.  I smiled.  The chain I could live with.  The tassel I changed.  BALANCE. Elephant charms, beads and tassels from JesseJamesBeads.comYou’ll be able to find all of these components except for the extra large jump rings on (see source list at the end of this post). The Multi Color Cup Chain is one of my favorites, and you know those baby fringe tassels in persimmon are my love language.

How-to-attach-a-cup-chain-findingFor the cup chain – Use cup chain connector links as seen on the left.  Set the last link of chain in the cup and roll the prongs over with chain nose pliers.  Ta da!  Connect away….Candie Cooper design for Jesse James BeadsLet us know what you think of this piece in the comments– Your thoughts are always warmly welcomed.

Happy New Year!


And now for the supply links:

Ganesha Patina Pendant

Elephant Parade Charm

Baby Tassels, Persimmon

Labradorite Faceted Hexagon

Multi-Color Oriental Cup Chain

Mystere’ DE bead pack

Truffles DE bead pack

Petite strand #24

Camo Double Curb Chain

Grand Finale Toggle Clasp #29

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